Buy an apartment of 60 million/m2 but the utility is no different from the old dormitory

Buy an apartment of 60 million/m2 but the utility is no different from the old dormitory

Buy an apartment of 60 million/m2 but the utility is no different from the old dormitory

Listening to advertisements about a series of high-class services and then buying an apartment in Minh Khai (Hanoi), many people are disillusioned when they are not satisfied with the surrounding utilities and infrastructure.

Spending more than 4 billion VND to buy a 72 m2 two-bedroom apartment in Hinode City apartment (No. 201 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung district), Ms. Minh Thuy's family looks forward to a convenient living space, near the center and direct to the newly built Minh Khai main road.

Contrary to expectations, she and many other households had to constantly go to "stretch banners", claim benefits, even go to work every day because the address is on Minh Khai street, but they had to move through a narrow street. and then out onto the main road.

Over the past 3 years, hundreds of residents here still have not been able to meet the utilities that the investor promised when the house delivery contract was signed.


In 2019, after a period of accumulation and support from her family, Minh Thuy and her husband decided to "lower money" to buy a house in Hinode City. At that time, the selling price was about 40-50 million VND/m2, later increased to 60 million VND/m2.

The project is advertised with 58 utilities such as Japanese garden, trees, swimming pool, mini golf course, community house on the premises, convenient access because directly to Minh Khai main road...

However, all that Thuy's family has to go through is the daily noise because another building continues to grow right in front, the exit is blocked for construction. Every day, her family and people living in the same apartment building have to weave their way through the crowded streets of Kim Nguu Street before they can go to Minh Khai to go to the company to work.

"Buying an expensive apartment, but living is no different from living in a dormitory, with almost no utilities," Thuy said.

The exit at 201 Minh Khai is barricaded for construction, residents in Hinode City have to go through Kim Nguu Street every day to go to the main street. Photo: M.H.

Meanwhile, Quang Minh (a resident of Hinode City) once fell off his car at the entrance to Kim Nguu entrance. The reason is that the ledge designed at the entrance to the building is slippery, especially on a rainy day. Residents have complained many times but this has not been fixed.

"I have the reputation of being on Minh Khai street, but one day it took me 15 minutes to get through the flow of people in Kim Nguu before I could get to the main street," Minh said.
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