Facebook will pay foreign contractor tax in Vietnam

Facebook will pay foreign contractor tax in Vietnam


Facebook will register, declare and pay foreign contractor tax in Vietnam, according to information recently shared by Meta, the parent company of this social network.

Meta said that it had a meeting and discussion with the General Department of Taxation in April to clarify the implementation of Circular 80 on the mechanism of tax registration, declaration and payment for foreign contractors in Vietnam.

Meta commits to register, declare and pay Foreign Contractor Tax in accordance with the circular. Meta said that it will also work and provide the necessary information to its advertisers and customers to ensure smooth tax declaration and payment in the near future.

Earlier on March 21, the General Department of Taxation announced and operated an electronic portal for overseas suppliers (Etaxvn.gdt.gov.vn) and announced the deployment of an electronic tax application for devices. eTax Mobile mobile device.

After the portal for overseas suppliers is put into operation, all transactions from registration, declaration, tax payment, etc. are carried out online through the portal and other channels. Overseas suppliers are not required to submit hard copies to Vietnamese tax authorities.

When registering for an electronic tax transaction, an overseas supplier shall register for an electronic tax transaction together with the first tax registration through the portal. At the same time, make sure to have an email address to deal with the tax authority directly managing it.

Procedures are authenticated by electronic transaction authentication codes. The code will be sent to the email that the overseas supplier registered with the Vietnamese tax authority when making the first tax registration and registering to change information (if any).

At the same time, overseas suppliers are only allowed to register 1 official email address to receive all notifications in the process of making transactions with the tax authorities directly managing them.

After successfully completing the tax registration procedure for the first time, the portal sends information about the electronic transaction account and tax identification number to the registered taxpayer's email address to carry out the procedures. about taxes on the portal.

It is known that the Large Corporate Tax Department, the General Department of Taxation on April 28 also sent to foreign suppliers (Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Facebook, TikTok, Netflix ...) informing that these businesses will must make tax registration, tax declaration and tax payment for the first quarter of this year by April 30, at the latest.

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