Gasoline price tomorrow approaching the mark of 31,000 VND/liter?

Gasoline price tomorrow approaching the mark of 31,000 VND/liter?

Gasoline prices on May 23 are expected to continue to increase in line with the world's rising momentum. If the management agency does not affect the stabilization fund, the domestic price of this item may increase by 800-900 VND/liter.

Because the operating period on May 21 coincides with a holiday, the operating time is postponed by the Ministry of Finance - Industry and Trade to the next working day after the holiday, ie 15:00 on Monday, May 23.

Data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade shows that the average price of finished gasoline on the Singapore market updated to May 19 increased compared to the previous price calculation period. Specifically, the average price of RON 92 gasoline (used to prepare E5 RON 92 gasoline) is 140.11 USD/barrel, RON 95 gasoline is up to 144.39 USD/barrel.

Meanwhile, the average price of petroleum products in the world in the previous operating period was at USD 136.96/barrel of RON 92 gasoline; 141.09 USD/barrel of RON 95 gasoline.

Talking to Zing, a leader of a key business in Ho Chi Minh City said that as of May 20, the average price of gasoline and finished oil in the Singapore market is currently 850-950 VND higher than the domestic retail price of gasoline. / liter and about 1,300 VND / liter lower for the retail price of oil.

Therefore, in the operating period on May 23, the price of gasoline may increase by about 850-950 VND/liter, diesel oil will decrease by about 1,300 VND/liter. If the management agency reduces the setting up or increases the expenditure of the stabilization fund, the price of gasoline may increase less, about 550-850 VND/liter.

This also depends on the governing body to calculate whether to spend the fund stably or not in the context that this fund in enterprises is negative.

If the forecast is true, the price of domestic gasoline products will have the 4th consecutive increase, bringing the price of gasoline to over 30,000 VND/liter and may approach 31,000 VND/liter. Generally, in the first 5 months of the year, gasoline prices have increased 9 times and decreased 3 times.

By the end of March, the balance of the domestic petroleum price stabilization fund had fallen to a negative level of nearly 170 billion dong. Updated to May 11, Petrolimex (HM:PLX) said the stabilization fund at enterprises was negative 53 billion dong, PV Oil negative 1,030 billion dong...

From the operating period on May 11 until now, the world crude oil price has fluctuated around 110 USD/barrel, however, the domestic gasoline price has continuously increased, setting a new record price despite the environmental protection tax. with gasoline has just been reduced 2,000 VND / liter.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the domestic gasoline price is not based on the world crude oil price but depends on the price of finished petroleum products through the refining process of petroleum suppliers from other countries, mainly from Singapore. . Therefore, the output of gasoline after refining is only equivalent to 50% of the original crude oil.

Previously, on May 11, the price of gasoline set a record when it increased by about 1,490-1,550 VND, to 28,950 VND / liter with E5 RON 92 gasoline and 29,980 VND with RON 95 gasoline.
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