Market pulse May 19: Filled with red from early on

Market pulse May 19: Filled with red from early on

The HOSE floor has not yet matched the ATO but the electrical panel has been covered with a lot of red. The movement on the US stock exchange last night was a negative factor affecting the psychology of investors on the Vietnamese stock exchange this morning, especially when the market had only recovered for a few sessions. 

The VN30 group has most stocks expected to drop in price, even some famous stocks that want to hit the floor at some point such as MSN (HM:MSN), GAS (HM:GAS) or VRE (HM:VRE). The HNX-Index dropped more than 2% from early on.

At 9.15am, VN-Index opened down 28 points, or more than 2%. The VN30 group, although no longer saw the floor drop like a few minutes ago, but all 30 stocks were red. The HNX-Index maintained its downward trend of more than 2%. The market is back in a sell-off, both good and bad stocks.

On HOSE, there were less than 5 Large Cap stocks that increased in price at ATO. Small Cap group was better, there were some strong gainers such as COM, CCI or PJT. 

Most of the large and small industry groups on this floor are in red. Even the groups that gained strongly yesterday afternoon such as banks and securities were only dotted with a few slight gainers.

THD stock no longer dropped more than 9% like in the previous 2 sessions, but at around 9:15 am, it also dropped 7%, and probably continued to be the biggest negative impact on the HNX-Index, causing the index to fall. This decreased more than 2%. 

In addition, among the Large Cap on HNX, there was also NTP (HN:NTP) down more than 9%, and most other stocks fell, in which a few others fell over 3% such as SHS (HN:SHS), CEO …

UPCoM's main index dropped slightly more than the other two exchanges, perhaps partly because many largrcaps on this exchange still remained at reference, such as GE2, KLB (HN:KLB), FOX (HN:FOX), VEA (HN) :VEA), SIP… 

However, with red color spreading like typhus on all 3 exchanges, it's hard to say these codes stand still.

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