Real estate continues to attract FDI investment in May

Real estate continues to attract FDI investment in May

As of May 20, the total estimated direct investment (FDI) registered in Vietnam reached nearly 12 billion USD, down 16.3% compared to the same period in 2021, according to data from the Foreign Investment Department. (Ministry of Planning and Investment).

Statistics show that the real estate group ranked second in the list of industries attracting FDI investment capital in the first 5 months of the year with nearly 3 billion USD, accounting for nearly 26% of the total registered investment capital, increasing sharply compared to the same same as the same same Last year (1.05 billion USD). 

In the first 4 months of the year, FDI capital into real estate also reached more than 2.8 billion USD while the same period was only 778 million USD.

The Ministry of Construction evaluated, although the global economy was heavily affected by CIVI-19 pandemic, the policy of attracting selective investment in Vietnam in the direction of reducing the number, increasing quality, eliminating abandonment. 

The project is small, low in value has begun to work. Accordingly, Vietnam is still considered to be a safe, attractive and potential investment destination for foreign investors and have a good position to attract FDI into real estate business.

Outpatures in real estate record increased while two other important capital sources, the bank credit capital from the issuance of corporate bonds are being strictly controlled. In April, there were 23 individual bond issues with a value of VND 16,472 billion, according to the Vietnam Bond Market Association (VBMA).

Most enterprises issued in April come from commercial banks with VND 14,940 billion, accounting for 90.7% of the total issuance value. In addition, enterprises belonging to energy, transportation, production and financial groups also issue individual bonds in the month but the volume accounts for less than 10% of the total issuance value.

Meanwhile, the real estate group does not appear any mobilized deal after the incident of Tan Hoang Minh.
Regarding credit capital, by the end of the first quarter/2022, real estate credit balance reached 2.23 million billion dong, up 2.24% compared to the beginning of the year, much lower than the increase of over 5% common of the economy. The growth rate of real estate credit debt has slowed down after many years. In addition, the bank credit funding funded the current real estate business accounts for only about 35% - equivalent to 0.78 million billion dong, most of them are housing loans and repair loans.
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