Some Mercedes-Benz models are about to be discontinued

Some Mercedes-Benz models are about to be discontinued


Mercedes-Benz is in the process of rearranging its product line and getting rid of some low-priced models.

There is currently no official information from Mercedes-Benz, but according to Ola Källenius - CEO of the company told Financial Times Future: We will share more next week, our goal is not is to become a competitor of bulk manufacturers.

That's not what the Mercedes-Benz brand is all about. He added that the company wants to focus on higher-end and luxury models rather than mass-produced models. While Källenius does not announce models in which segments are at risk of being killed. 
However, the first name that comes to mind is A-Class. The A-Class is also no longer sold in the US and Canada.

Sharing earlier this year, a Mercedes-Benz representative said: After careful consideration, MBUSA will not distribute the V177 A-Class sedan in the US after the MY22 version. While the A-Class has been very popular with customers since its introduction in 2019, this decision is in line with our ongoing efforts to streamline the product line-up. GLA SUV will replace the position of A-Class, becoming the lowest model in the lineup at MBUSA.

If the German automaker adopts a similar strategy globally, it may want customers in the compact car segment to focus on crossovers rather than sedans and hatchbacks. It would be a pity if the A-Class was discontinued by Mercedes-Benz. Especially when this small car is selling well.

In 2019, the A-Class sold 198,926 vehicles in Europe and dropped to 118,439 last year due to the impact of the pandemic and the chip crisis. 

However, this result is still much better than the GLA's 75,124 vehicles.

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