The group of "pillar" stocks continued to extend the recovery momentum for VN-Index

The group of "pillar" stocks continued to extend the recovery momentum for VN-Index

 The group of "pillar" stocks continued to extend the recovery momentum for VN-Index

Two market indexes in the week of May 23-27, 2022 continued to extend the recovery momentum after the previous correction period. 

Specifically, VN-Index increased by 3.61% after 5 trading sessions, returning to 1,285.45 points. Meanwhile, HNX-Index increased slightly by 1.35%, ending the week at 311.17 points.

Along with the gaining momentum, the liquidity on the two exchanges also recorded a slight increase compared to the previous trading week. The average matching volume on HOSE increased by 5.66%, reaching nearly 535.6 million shares/session. On the HNX, the average liquidity increased by 6.88%, to more than 78 million shares/session.

Leading the uptrend of VN-Index continued to be the group of stocks in the VN30 basket. The difference compared to last week is that the banking group no longer accounts for the majority of the top 10 with the most positive influence when there are only 3 participating stocks: VCB (HM:VCB), ACB (HM:ACB) and TCB ( HM:TCB). 

Instead, there are representatives from many industry groups such as real estate (VHM (HM: VHM), VRE (HM: VRE)), energy (GAS (HM:GAS)), beverages (VNM (HM: VNM) )), rubber (GVR (HM:GVR)),…

Although banking stocks did not perform as prominently as in previous weeks, the banking industry last week was active on issues related to the 2% interest rate support package from the state budget for corporate loans. , cooperatives, business households of the Government.

* Banks simultaneously applied to expand credit "room" to deploy 2% interest rate support

On the other hand, the stock that had the most positive influence on the index last week was FPT (HM:FPT) when it helped the index increase by more than 3.4 points.

* FPT - Continuously making new highs and new higher lows

Although the market is generally positive, there are still some stocks causing negative effects, slowing down the index's recovery. The most typical of them is HPG (HM: HPG) when any stock dropped more than 2.3 points in the past week, while BCM (HM: BCM) ranked right behind only decreased by 0.6 points.

Among other red stocks, FLC (HM:FLC) and ROS (HM:ROS) were also noticed as each stock lost 0.12 points of the index. However, it is worth noting that these two stocks will be restricted from trading (only trading in the afternoon session from June 1st due to late submission of the 2021 audited financial statements.

* 3 stocks of the FLC family are restricted from trading from June 1

* FLC explains the reason for late submission of financial statements for 2021

The VN30 basket last week recorded the dominance of green with 28 stocks pulling up. Leading this group is FPT with 12 points, a gap of more than 5 points compared to MWG (HM:MWG). On the other side, 2 stocks that pulled down were HPG and SAB (HM:SAB) with 5.3 points and 0.2 points respectively.

 For HNX-Index, the weekly gain mainly came from 3 stocks namely CEO, HUT (HN:HUT) and VCS (HN:VCS) with a total of 2.7 points. Meanwhile, THD was the stock that pulled down the index the most in the context that Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuy (or Bau Thuy) had just registered to sell more than 87 million shares he was holding here.

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