The stock market today screened very clearly - Ceiling or near the ceiling.

The stock market today screened very clearly - Ceiling or near the ceiling.

  The stock market today screened very clearly when many stocks fell deeply, and many stocks rose to the ceiling or near the ceiling.

Ending the session 5/1, VN-Index dropped 3.08 points (-0.2%) to 1,522.5 points. HNX-Index increased 6.26 points (1.32%) to 480.36 points. UPCoM-Index increased 0.54 points (0.47%) to 114.26 points.

Market liquidity was very high, total matched value reached 37,019 billion dong, up 17%.

Banking stocks - a large group of stocks in the market - saw strong profit taking, putting selling pressure on the market. Other banking codes were deeply in the red, notably BVB, MSB, SHB, ACB, HDB, TPB, OCB, VBB, VPB dropped over 1.5%.

Meanwhile, TIN, NVB closed the session in purple, completely contrary to the general movement of the group. PGB, STB, EIB, ABB increased slightly.

In addition to banking stocks, MSN today also surprised investors who love Masan consumer stocks. MSN opened the session in a bullish green but closed down 5% deeper, pushing the price down to 161,000 dong/share.

While banking stocks fell deeply, the stock market saw many other stocks increase unexpectedly. GAS gained strongly for the second consecutive session and consolidated the price level of over 100,000 VND. VRE has remained in purple since reaching this price in the morning session. VRE was remarkable with a ceiling buying surplus of millions of shares at the end of the session.

Regarding the stock market, recently at the extraordinary National Assembly session on January 4, the Government submitted a draft Resolution on fiscal and monetary policy to support the economic recovery program, economic development and economic development. socio-economic development.

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