These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions


Pocket experience adding necessary accessories for the lack of cars in Vietnam.

Buying a standard version car, also known as the missing version, is always chosen by many people. In addition, the price difference also makes more people interested. 
There are many brands on the market that produce car accessories at very reasonable prices.

The following are the accessories that should be attached to the car with the missing version and are agreed by most car owners.

Tire pressure sensor (TPMS)

Some popular models are not equipped with this accessory set, but in some higher models it is equipped and does not clearly display each wheel parameter. Therefore, the solution of adding a separate tire pressure sensor is an option worth the money.

Although the car lacks a tire pressure warning feature, the nature of this warning system uses the same sensor of the ABS anti-lock braking system to calculate the height of the tire, based on that to warn. Does the car have enough tire pressure? However, in practice, this warning system does not work very well and sometimes warns of low air even though the tire is still normal.

In addition, the original car tire pressure warning system cannot provide accurate numbers of tire pressure at each wheel, causing the driver to check all 4 wheels when needing to patch the tire. The car is quite inconvenient. Upgrading a tire pressure sensor (external or internal valve) will make tire pressure monitoring more convenient.

The sensor on the car lacks the use of an internal valve with a package cost of 2.5 million, but the operation is much more durable and stable than the external valve type. Inflating tires is also more convenient, as it does not take time to remove the sensor outside the valve and then inflate and then have to reattach.

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