VinFast car prices plummeted to a record when using all incentives in the month

VinFast car prices plummeted to a record when using all incentives in the month


The giant in Vietnam's automobile industry - VinFast has launched a lot of incentives for consumers when buying its car models. 

This extremely hot information has appeared on information pages about VinFast car prices, which have plummeted to a record when using all incentives in the month, which has stimulated significant sales, especially with Fadil, Lux 2.0, and Fadil models. Lux S2A.0.

VinFast car prices fell the most in the month for gasoline cars

Currently, the promotion is extremely shocking with a total cash value of nearly 600 million VND, the same program "with 1 - 0 - 2" 50% off registration fee, 0% interest rate discount, voucher application 400 million at the same time. Thus, customers will receive extremely favorable prices when interested in VinFast's gasoline cars.

Specifically, all Fadil models will receive a discount of 10 million VND directly from the selling price and an additional 70 million VND voucher will be applied. In addition, the company also has many new incentives for customers with direct installment and direct payment. 

For the form of installment payment, customers will be exempted from interest for the first 2 years and committed to the interest rate not exceeding 10.5% during the loan term. Besides, if you pay directly, you will get 10% off the car value immediately.

Below, please refer to the list of prices and prices after applying the voucher for some of VinFast's best-selling cars.

Will the price of VinFast electric cars be reduced as sharply as petrol cars?

Unlike gasoline cars, the price of VinFast electric cars is not reduced sharply this month. Currently, the prices of electric cars VinFast VF 8 , VinFast VF 9 and VinFast VF e34 remain the same with last month's incentive program.

Moreover, now VinFast is also a famous brand with the best warranty on the market. On January 12, 2022, VinFast Business and Trading Co., Ltd. has issued a notice to apply a warranty policy of 10 years or 200,000 km for all gasoline cars sold on the market.

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