Vietnam is among the fastest growing countries in the world

Vietnam is among the fastest growing countries in the world

Vietnam is among the world's fastest growing countries; Dragon Capital disbursed again; Leaders of Louis Land simultaneously fled. The Vietnam market today will have new news with the following content.

1. Vietnam is among the fastest growing countries in the world

According to the forecast of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Vietnam will achieve economic growth of 6.0% in 2022, among the countries with the highest growth rates in the world.

The remaining countries that are above Vietnam in this list in order from top to bottom are Guyana (47.2%), Iraq (9.5%), Kuwait (8.2%), India (8.2%), Saudi Arabia ( 7.6%), Panama (7.5%), Niger (6.9%), Philippines (6.5%), Democratic Republic of Congo (6.4%), Bangladesh (6.4%), Rwanda (6.4%), Mauritius (6.1%), Equatorial Guinea . Global growth according to the IMF forecast is at 3.6%.

Experts believe that in the context of the global economic and geopolitical risks, the contraction of fiscal and monetary policies of many major economies slows down global growth. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the economy is recovering quite quickly thanks to the Government's timely change in the appropriate epidemic prevention strategy, accelerating the implementation of the socio-economic recovery and development program.

More optimistically, economists predict that economic growth in the third quarter will be the highlight, creating momentum for this year's economic growth to exceed the set target of 6-6.5%, even higher. more than 7%.

2. Dragon Capital disbursed again

A recently published report of the Vietnam Enterprise Investment Limited (VEIL) fund managed by Dragon Capital shows that it has disbursed back to the market after holding a record high proportion of cash.

During the trading week (May 19 - 26), the largest fund in Vietnam's stock market disbursed about 32.5 million USD (754 billion VND) to buy stocks. The top 10 stocks with the largest proportion in the fund's portfolio remained unchanged with the three stocks accounting for the largest proportion of over 10%, namely VPB (11.47%), MWG (HM:MWG) (10.95%). and ACB (HM:ACB) (10.21%). The stocks with the largest proportion of the fund were HPG (HM:HPG), VHM (HM: VHM), FPT (HM:FPT), DXG (HM:DXG), VCB (HM:VCB), MBB (HM:MBB). ), VIC (HM: VIC).

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