Couple saved by iPhone 14

Couple saved by iPhone 14

A man was notified of his wife's nearby car accident immediately thanks to the iPhone 14's crash detection feature, which sent him to the scene and assisted his wife before paramedics arrived.

iPhone 14, 14 Pro, Watch Series 8, Watch Ultra are all integrated with advanced sensors to detect car accidents. An algorithm uses information from the device to determine if a problem has occurred and to call for help.

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According to a post on Reddit, user u/unclescorpion was notified of an immediate crash. He was on the phone to his wife when he heard her scream and the line went down. Immediately, he was informed by iPhone that his wife had been in an accident. It provides the exact location of the wife so that he can reach her immediately.

The content of the post also said that another driver lost his concentration and veered into traffic, directly hitting his wife. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured other than bruises.

The couple only recently upgraded to the iPhone 14 thanks to a deal they got on smartphones. The husband knew about this feature but was not interested in it because he thought he would never use it.

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Reportedly, accident detection is a feature that automatically activates Emergency SOS, which contacts first responders and anyone on the user's emergency contact list. Users can set up emergency contacts in the iPhone's Health app.

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